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Tegus Only Review

Kayla Larrea

New Member
I purchased a juvenile tegu from Rodney about a year ago and I could not be happier!

For those of you who don’t know, Tegus are invasive in Florida and can be killed on site. Rodney catches and rehomes them rather than allowing them to be uthenized, which is so awesome!

Every step of the process was great! Rodney answered all of my questions right away and sent me several photos of the tegu I was interested in to make sure he was exactly what I wanted. Shipping was fast and my little guy arrived healthy and docile as can be!

Almost a year later, I am still so happy with my choice to purchase from Tegus Only. Homer (my Tegu) is like a big scaley puppy. All Tegus are unique with their own personality’s and Rodney took the time to ask questions, listen and match me and my family with the best animal for us.

I would absolutely recommend Tegus Only to anyone looking for a Tegu, what Rodney is doing for these Tegus as well as the ecosystem in Florida is absolutely amazing!


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Hi Kayla,

Your post very well sums up Rodney as a consevationist and the kind of vendor to search for. I'm proud for how your dragon dog is doing. I have four from Rodney.

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