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First time tegu owner as of today

Chris - have you been giving him more than crickets yet?? When my female was that size, she was eating thawed pinkies, and ground turkey with calcium supplement added, along with a squirt (like the oil from one capsule) of fish oil. That's a lot more bulk than just a cricket diet. Can't remember what was said before....
I was saying before the poo came that after he did two or three times to know he is free flowing, I’m going to let him try a pinkie.he has eaten around 30 crickets a day for two days and over 20 the day before that.i had to work about 4 hours today(I own an auto repair business) and when I got home he was very alert and quick moving which is the strangest I’ve seen him act so far.so I realized the 6 crickets I left in the tank were gone, as soon as he saw me reach in his tank with the cricket bag he knew.i interact with him and flick crickets toward him while he ran around and hunted them and he frequently came at my hand and just checked it out and went back at the crickets.no stitches for me yet;) he is amazing though and he is twice as fat as he was 5 days ago.keep in mind stitches is definitely only 3 months old.he is not a year old and still just small
Looking female to me, but I really think it's too early to tell. I looked for the BB scales when my male was your age, and I could not make them out. They're very subtle. Only reason I said female is because according to the pic, there is no sign of jowl growth yet. ....just an fyi... I thought my male was a female for about 6 months before I figured it out!! lol

I'd for sure plop him into a warm bath with the water trickling...but wouldn't necessarily worry too much yet since he's still so small. Poops at that age are also small in comparison to the small dog size they produce later. Could they be there but hidden? Yesterday, it was bath day here. My male went into the tub and relieved himself within a minute. My female took well over 20 mins, then unleashed. So they both had thawed mice, and chicken gizzards on Tuesday, then pooped on Thursday in the tub. This is very typical with my animals.
My eyes and brain tell me female but my heart still says it’s a boy.im sure within months I will know.also for bath time I’ve been doing at least 3 a day for 20 minutes each depending on how he’s behaving