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Hello from the Gulf Coast!


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Gulf Coast, USA
Hello everyone!

I go by Roman or Aza, either is fine. I'm a chronically ill biology enthusiast currently wandering around the Gulf Coast region of the US. I enjoy researching animal care for fun, and helping people with husbandry and care issues whenever I can. I've had a few reptiles over the years, and been involved in the long-term care and handling of many others, including Bearded dragons, Ball pythons, iguanas, aquatic turtles, Sulcata tortoises, and more.

I had to rehome all of my pets a few years ago due to unforseen life issues and long-distance relocation - I didn't feel it was fair to put them through the stress of a 500+ mile move and then be forced to compromise my care standards for them due to financial issues too. Especially if I could find them loving and stable local homes where they would be treated well. It's been some time since I rehomed my last pet, and I still get updates on his wellbeing periodically. I feel I've grown a lot as an animal keeper in the time since I rehomed him.

I'm now in a different stage of my life, more knowledgeable in reptile care, and have access to more resources to prevent the kind of issues I had previously. Given all of those things, I've been feeling lately that it might be time to look into getting a pet again. I miss taking care of cute little critters.

I originally started researching blue-tongued skinks - I was drawn in by the bright blue tongue and cute little stubby legs! - and came across tegus during that. While tegus are a bit less aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, from the information I've found during care research, they are closer to the temperament of animal that I'm really looking for. I feel that, with plenty of planning beforehand, I have the knowledge and resources to handle the bigger lizard, and will enjoy caring for this species more :)

I don't have a tegu yet, but I'm very interested in them and want to research as much as I can while I make plans to get one in the future. I'm working on a whole care plan, from cage construction to cleaning methods to diet plans to pet insurance and vet care. I do have a few questions, and would love for someone to look over my info and ideas and correct anything that may be misinformed or harmful. (is this the right place for that, or is there a specific thread for it?)

Thank you all for having me! I hope this will be a positive and useful experience for all of us. :D


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Welcome and this is a very good site for useful info.

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