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  1. Mordi

    WHATS UP! :V

    https://ibb.co/2YnFmNc https://ibb.co/8XdwgvC Hey dudes, my name’s Mordecai! :D I’m 19, and I recently got my first tegu Kamata a little Ive a month ago! I have about 5 years experience working with exotic animals, but this little dude is my first (soon-to-be) big lizard! Nice to meet you all...
  2. Lapis319

    Hello! Introduction I guess? Any help would be appreciated!

    Greetings reader! So, I appreciate you reading this: To start, let me introduce myself. I currently own a harlequin crested gecko, about a year old. His name is Toothless. My end goal of a reptile would be a tegu. I have fallen in love with tegus in quite a short amount of time, and can't see...
  3. Nya Wasp


    Greetings All! There I was picking up frozen rodents for my herp kids, when I stumbled across the majestic red tegu... I'm not unfamiliar with tegus, but never saw myself as a owner of one, until I met Norbert... So, in an act of sheer stupidity, I brought little Norbert home that day. I...
  4. Biffy Pyro

    Introducing new tegu

    Hi guys, I'm looking to breed in the future and I might be getting a female soon, and I wanted to know if you guys have any hints and tips for introducing introducing her to my male
  5. A

    Hello from the Gulf Coast!

    Hello everyone! I go by Roman or Aza, either is fine. I'm a chronically ill biology enthusiast currently wandering around the Gulf Coast region of the US. I enjoy researching animal care for fun, and helping people with husbandry and care issues whenever I can. I've had a few reptiles over the...
  6. rxryp

    best birthday present i've ever gotten for myself

    Hey everyone! I'm Rory. Long time lurker, first time poster :) I just got a wee tegu in the mail! She's very cold, so I turned up her lamps a little bit for her to warm up a little, poor thing. She's remarkably alert for someone who's been cooped up in a little box for 12 hours - licking...