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Unexpected Tegu night-terror


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Oakland, CA
I've had Frost - a female argentine black and white tegu for 9 years now, she's about 13 years old.
She is currently heading into brumation and temps / feeding have been lowered for the past month or so.
Last night at about 11pm, just with some quiet TV in the background, she lunged at the glass of her cage in a panic and repeatedly slammed herself into the glass trying to attack me.
In 9 years she has never done anything like this and is usually asleep at the time.

Unless my lizard can see ghosts or demons, the only thing I could think of was some sudden medical event which caused her significant pain, and she didn't know how to respond to that.
Got her out of the cage this morning and she's had a bath, passed a small urate crystal (something I was worried might be the problem), and drank some water, and seems a little cranky (which is usual for her) but otherwise fine. I'm trying some food to see if that placates her a bit.

Any ideas on where this behavior came from and if there's anything I can do would be much appreciated!

Update: Sadly Frost passed away on Sunday afternoon.
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