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Will My Tegu Unbond?


New Member
Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I recently adopted a 1.5 year old black & white male tegu. We’ll have had him for 10 days before we go on an 18-day trip. Originally, we weren’t planning on adopting him until after the trip but due to circumstances had to receive him early and the trip cannot be canceled. He’s been very friendly with us and super curious every time he free roams; his enclosure is huge and has 2 stories. While we’re gone, my boyfriend’s dad is going to let him out each day and feed him (woo!).

My first question is whether or not you all think we will return to a tegu who has unbonded with us/doesn’t like us (this seems so silly to type out but I’m nervous!!). Also, do you all have tips we can pass on to my boyfriend’s dad for care while we’re gone? We’ve told him to continuing feeding him outside of the enclosure in a dish and to let him free roam for 30 - 90 min each day.

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