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tegu bonding

  1. T

    Will My Tegu Unbond?

    Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I recently adopted a 1.5 year old black & white male tegu. We’ll have had him for 10 days before we go on an 18-day trip. Originally, we weren’t planning on adopting him until after the trip but due to circumstances had to receive him early and the trip cannot be...
  2. B

    any suggestions

    i typically hold my tegu later at night its when i have time and he sleeps in a beach towel on my lap and hes fine he digs around and finds a good spot and sleeps when i try to have him in my room or bathroom hes very scared and hides. should i just try bathtub more hes around 8 months old.
  3. K

    Odd tegu behaviors very recently

    My lil tegu has been having sone kind of issue trust wise. But I've been doing my best to help them along the way. It started a few days ago, nothing hitting that trust hard either. I wake up, eat. Usually an hour after that they wanna eat too, start wanting to climb out of the enclosure towards...
  4. K

    Rescue Tegu

    Hi all, I got a tegu who was passed around by these guys who had no idea how to care for it. one of the guys surrendered him to me, he is an adult or large juvenile from what I can tell. He eats and drinks well, but is EXTREMELY aggressive. I’m working on handling him but I’d like to understand...
  5. C

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Hello all! I have recently gotten a tegu. It has been maybe a month so far. Up till now everything has been great the little one has been eating like a champ and shedding well too! I am mainly concerned that our bonding is not going as it should. I firmly believe that our relationship should...
  6. G

    Am I trying too hard? Is trying to brumate?

    Long post trying to give as much detail as possible. I’m a big reptile person we have over 60 animals in my home but this is my first Tegu. Pure blue line hatched on 7/4/21 so he’s six months old today. He was hatched and raised in Florida i live in northern Missouri. We’ve only had him four...
  7. L

    Hi everyone!

    I just got my very first Black and White Argentinian Tegu about 6 weeks ago. I call it Bubba and it is about 12 weeks old now. What are some good suggestions for bonding with it? Also he seems to want to only eat crickets and on occasions chicken. Does that seem normal? Last but not least, well...
  8. lisamb21

    Looking for some help

    Hello I was wondering if anyone was will to work with me. I’m trying to work with my tegu to gain trust. I do everything for her. And I do everything that she needs. My boyfriend doesn’t but she is trusting him more. I also need some tips on how to not be so scared of her. If anyone is willing...
  9. B

    New baby tegu, taming help!

    I just recently bought a 2 month old baby black and white tegu, when I brought him hone he let me pick him up maybe once or twice without issues.. the second day came around and he let me pick him up once, but started whipping a little bit and running.. but on the third day he wanted Nothing to...
  10. Mad

    Doggie the Tegu!

    Good to meet everyone! I’m mad and my tegu baby is named Doggie. He’s a free-roaming Argentinian black and white juvenile tegu :). He is very sweet and happy and loves being handled and loves to explore. Happy to meet everyone
  11. L

    weighted blanket for tegu

    Hi I have a 2 year old tegu who weighs 13.5 pounds. She always crawls under my queen size mattress and it looks like it crushes her, but every time I move her out from under the mattress and sit on the bed so she can't crawl under it, she claws and scratches the side of the mattress trying to...
  12. ToothlessMamma

    New tegu mamma- help in bonding

    My husband and I got toothless from a breeder recently and we just put him in his new enclosure the other day. He absolutely adores it! The breeder says he’s about one years old, but when we first got him he seemed really cuddly and wasn’t too spastic. It’s been a week now of having him, and it...