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  1. K

    Help (How to bond?)

    I have a 2 and a half year old tegu, she isn’t aggressive she’s actually mostly skittish and doesn’t want to be bothered. But when I try to bond with her by holding her on my bed or spend time with her, she doesn’t want anything to do with me for a few minutes then will try smelling me slowly...
  2. C

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Hello all! I have recently gotten a tegu. It has been maybe a month so far. Up till now everything has been great the little one has been eating like a champ and shedding well too! I am mainly concerned that our bonding is not going as it should. I firmly believe that our relationship should...
  3. Skippymaxwell4

    Bonding and happiness

    Hi! This is my new guy, skipper (Skippy). He’s clearly just a lil guy so far, and I got him because I learned about them and their intelligence. I want to bond with my guy, and I am worrying myself not knowing how to bond with him. I want him to not be bored, and I want him to feel safe and...
  4. Marinebio162

    Red Tegu Health (brand new tegu owner in desperate need of help)

    Hey everyone, I have wanted to adopt a tegu for years. I finally got the chance as of around three months ago when my boy Azazel came into my life. About a month into caring for him he stopped eating and started spending most of his time in his hide. Which I assumed meant that he was just...
  5. M

    Force Interaction or Slow Approach?

    Hello! My name is Lisa. I just got my first tegu 3.5 weeks ago! I waited over a year and did sooo much research first just to make sure we were ready to get one. My question to you all is do you force handle or do you use the slow approach method? For example, Kevin McCurley says to build...
  6. CharlieTheTegu

    New Tegu Bonding

    Hello! Firstly, I'm happy to be a part of a community that seems to be as enthusiastic about tegus as you all are. I'm sure these questions have been answered a million times already but I wanted to present you with my exact situation to make sure all variables are known. I just got my new tegu...
  7. Lutchmom


    Hello, we bought a red tegu on December 14, I'm not sure how old s/he is because we got it from a per store. They bought it in August. I'm guessing it's 5-6 months old. We had it in an aquarium but it was aggressive while in it, and I felt it didn't have enough room to move around. We just...
  8. Asheya

    New baby Tegu (potential hibernation and bonding problems?)

    Hi guys. Worried new Tegu mama. I've worked with adult Tegus for a long time, but this baby business is a whole new experience. Long story short, I've had my little B&W for around a month. He's alright with me touching him, but will scamper under his hides and not come out when I'm around. The...