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  1. D

    Anyone near tucson with male albino blue or 100%het albino male. I have 2 100% het fems

    my albino male passed out of no where during brumation and now I either need to find some to breed my 2 100% het females with or sell them
  2. D

    Albino Breeding

    Hey guys im breeding normal B&W Tegus for a couple years now. I actually want to start breeding albinos. What is the best way to breed those? Im not that much into genetics and morphs. So which ones should i breed to have the highest chance of ablinos.
  3. Tegutasticc

    What is a Credible Place to Buy Tegus Online?

    Is CBreptile a credible place to buy Tegus online, if not who is? They have hatchlings available at the moment, is it always breeding season? (FOR FUTURE REFERENCE) CBreptile's link: https://www.cbreptile.com/product/argentine-tegu-for-sale/ (ALSO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT Coldblooded...
  4. R

    Why are some people against creating hybrid tegus?

    Why do some people seem so adamant about not crossing different types of tegus (or other animals for that fact?) Especially considering all of the beautiful kinds we've gotten like the purple and blues.
  5. F

    Need Help Candling Tegu Eggs (fertile or not)

    hello everyone, i'm new here. i've been keeping tegu for around 3 years. And i got lot of information from here (and yes i'm a silent reader and never join this forum before). long story short, i manage to hibernate my tegus and mating them. on 27th of October, my female laid eggs. 29 in good...
  6. TeguTeep

    Tegu Brumation/Future Breeding?

    Hello all, we have an Argentine B/W female who is supposedly 9 months old (had her for two) but we think she is wild caught from the Everglades (scars on body and yellow/orange belly). We want to breed her next season and we’re wondering if she would be okay to, considering those facts. I’m not...
  7. V


    I’m been having an issue getting my B&W tegus to breed. The male is about 4yrs old and female about 2 yrs old. They both hibernated over the winter but, don’t seem interested in each other. The female hibernated on her own but, this was the males first time going through hibernation. They get...
  8. S

    Should I turn the lights on, and is she ready to breed?

    I have a female argentine black and white tegu who’s roughly 3-4 years old (I wasn’t her first owner) and late in November she barely began coming up so I started cutting back on how long the lights were on for. Eventually, there were no light for about a week or two and she only came up for...