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enclosure setup

  1. K

    DIY Enclosure questions

    My little guy is still a baby (not sure how old but he's about 10" long) and currently in a 125 gallon tank. I am working on building his full enclosure and sketching the layout/what I need and want to get everything right the first time (I hope!). Is insulating something that is suggested? My...
  2. R

    New Tegu and Enclosure pics!

    So excited to get my first Tegu. been doing a lot of research, bought a book or two. I've been working all day on the enclosure, and I'm picking up the lizard tomorrow. It's about 9 months old I think. Isn't very big. I've attached some pics of the new home. Cut some cool branches and grabbed...
  3. merakjinsei

    Wait, how do you even dispose of "old" substrate??

    I have seen it mentioned that you should replace your substrate every 3 months if its not a bioactive situation, but what are you supposed to do with the old substrate?? I presume dispose of it, but how? I dont see this brought up. I rent an apartment in a city center, so I can't just dump it...
  4. W


    I currently own a leopard tortoise, redfoot tortoise, and bearded dragon. I’ve wanted an Argentinian tegu for quite some time but I didn’t have room until now. (Got my first home) Now that I have room I’ve begun doing research into the tegus more and more and have decided, if I can plan things...
  5. Scriffignano

    My current enclosure

    Saphee has now moved into her adult enclosure and her behavior is a bit off from what it was when she was living in a 50 gallon tank. I think its due to heating or something because she is hiding alot more than before and refuses to explore like she did before. I am using a 120w and a 50w...
  6. Tetsu The Tegu


  7. Dragon392

    UV Lighting Questions for an Animal Plastics T100, Bioactive

    Hi, all! I'm trying to work out the lighting for this cage, given its size and the fact that I need UV lighting not just for the tegu, but for live plants, as well. (Most live plants will be growing from planters set into the background, where my boy can't dig them up.) Specs on the cage here...
  8. KlausfromCA

    Preparing one week before getting a Tegu, need some advice

    Hello, everyone, this is Klaus, I'm gone get a Tegu or two in a reptile show on January 4. I have been searching out what I need to prepare over a few weeks already. This thread is to confirm my researching is correct and making sure there is nothing I missed. I have a 4X2X4 Close chamber...
  9. Mutablekitty


    I was wondering what you might think of my tegus future home! The sketch’s are mainly focusing on the interior setup (which I find most important). Any comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated.
  10. N.B.H.

    Best way to get an accurate temperature read?

    Hi! I've been fumbling with setups for my red, and I've been trying to bump the temperature up over 100 degrees for some time now with a lamp of the proper wattage. Well I bought one, but my thermometer still read 94°f. That was when I figured. Maybe it's not actually my setup, but my...