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  1. D


    Hey everyone! First post here. My male red Argentine tegu Asmodeus or Asmo for short is 1yr 8 months old. He has always been hissy and huffy when I go to grab him, but lately he's been striking at me behind the windows of his PVC enclosure. I can't come near him otherwise he will attack. He has...
  2. AnimalNerd

    Help! Is my boy horny or prolapsing?

    My almost 2 year old blue boy is being aggressive/horny and has been latching onto and attempting to mount socks, shirts, pillows, my gloves hands, etc. I've also noticed he may be a bit constipated as his poops have been minimal/hes been really straining to go. Today he grabbed one of my...
  3. AnimalNerd

    Beautiful blue boy *update*

    Hi tegutalk. I've been a long time lurker to find out about a blue tegu that I've been a sitter for and involved with since he was a hatchling. Sadly his owner passed away and I am the next closest human the tegu knows/trusts and am most likely going to adopt him. He is almost 2 years old and...
  4. Mutablekitty

    Do's and Don'ts of Puberty/Guberty?

    Since Rueben has entered puberty its been a pain in the butt to really do anything with him/his enclosure. At the moment I'm just trying to let him be and get his temper tantrum out. What would be some good Do's and Don'ts that someone could use once their tegu goes into puberty? Should I try...