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health issue

  1. Mad

    My tegu is constipated

    Help! Doggie, my tegu, normally poops in a specific place in my room where I keep puppy pads, but he hasn’t eatin in two and hasn’t pooped for three. Ive been giving him warm soaks and have been rubbing his back, he hasn’t eatin any substrate and typically gets fed outside of his enclosure, what...
  2. Jmoney1021


    So I have read that golden tegus do not go into hibernation but they slow down very significantly. My is currently in this stage but continues to eat but I’m not s sure that’s the same for it drinking water its eyes look kind of sunk in and do not seem to have the same life as they did before...
  3. T

    Cracks in tail and im worried.

    My Argentine black and white (about a year and a half old) is in shed, and after his bath and after he was dry, I decided to slowly take off the parts of shed that were loose, and I noticed a small crack or, what looked like it. Running down his tail vertically. I've wanted a tegu since I was 8...
  4. Asheya

    Weird scale patches, please help!

    Hi everyone... So I have an otherwise healthy and extremely active tegu. He eats like a pig and seems healthy, but a few weeks back he developed these weird patches on his back. They don't seem to be spreading, but they won't go away either... He's been to two different reptile vets, and been...