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  1. IMG_6199.jpeg


    High up…
  2. IMG_6213.jpeg


    The higher, the better
  3. IMG_6644.jpeg


    Just relaxing,having some sunlight
  4. IMG_6656.jpeg


    Getting some sun
  5. IMG_6837.png


    Growing so fast, big boy
  6. IMG_7464.jpeg


    He is getting so long, our big boy
  7. IMG_6451.jpeg


    On top of the world, this is Lännarts favorite spot
  8. Tegu family

    Introducing Lännart

    Hi everybody New here and introducing our red tegu Lännart We who feeds and love him is Jenny och Peter, from Sweden.
  9. G

    Sugar water not working for prolapse

    Don't know what to do my tegu prolapsed yesterday but I don't have the money to take him to a vet nor is there one by me rn and the sugar water isn't working for the last bit the majority of it went back in its just the last little part that is struggling I just want my baby ok
  10. K

    Looking for yearling tegu

    Hi I was wonder if anyone has a yearling red tegu or blue tegu they’re looking to get rid of ? Highly interested cash ready.
  11. J


    So im just curious if anybody elses tegu goes into a dream state as if its relaxed when held giving a bath? My wifes 3 month red seems like its almost so relaxed its completely still as if in a sleep state