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  1. Skippymaxwell4

    Looking for ENCLOSURE

    Looking for AT LEAST 7x3x3 or BIGGER enclosure with spots for the lights! I know people here have just the right thing for my tegu, I need it quick and I’d prefer if you went east on me with the price pls let me know ASAP!
  2. Skippymaxwell4

    Are tents good housing options?

    Hey ! I just got my tegu, he’s currently in a 6ft plastic bin with all he needs. I don’t have enough to get a big ol’ custom tank- but I’ve heard and seen people housing their tegus in big tents inside with all their flooring and everything… basically their tank is a tent and it seems affordable...
  3. F

    Cage Size

    Hi I'm new to tegus (I'm interested in Argentine Black and White Tegus) and I found a Carolina Designer cage that was 72x24x24 inches link...
  4. Largelizards

    Anyone use buffalo beetles in Dubia colony or in tegu setup

    I’ll be getting 200 buffalo beetles anyday now in the mail. They are advertised as a great cleanup crew and I was going to add them to my Dubia colony. I just don’t want to open Pandora’s box as I hear they breed like crazy and end up regretting it. Does anyone have any experience with them or...
  5. Largelizards

    Hardwood mulch and which sounds easier to clean and not attract bugs

    Right now I use cypress mulch and eco earth. But I just bought some plain old top soil that is used for filling holes(no compost), some hardwood mulch, and sphagnum peat moss from homedepot (used for organic gardening), and lots of leaf litter I collected my self consisting of safe trees like...
  6. Largelizards

    Fogger lowering surface temps

    My basking temps are 107-117 on a half log and 100-105F on a tile but when homemade fogger is on, it lowers the surface temps so log is only 100 and tile is 90. It’s a 40 g breeder tank, a 160w mega ray is over log, 75 w flood over tile and a 100w Che near middle of tank. Bêla is around 3-4...