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  1. Skippymaxwell4

    Are tents good housing options?

    Hey ! I just got my tegu, he’s currently in a 6ft plastic bin with all he needs. I don’t have enough to get a big ol’ custom tank- but I’ve heard and seen people housing their tegus in big tents inside with all their flooring and everything… basically their tank is a tent and it seems affordable...
  2. BKing

    Enclosures - Free Roaming with Enclosure Essentials

    Hi everyone, So I've been reading up on enclosures and wanted to share some of the things I've discovered and open the conversation for questions and concerns I currently have. I read on a thread that because Birds are one of Tegus natural predators, any interaction from above will always...
  3. Largelizards

    Safe height to fall from?

    What is the max height a tegu should be allowed to fall from? Such as onto a rug surface? My tegu likes to climb on my bed but the fall is about 3 feet. My bed is raised up high off the floor to give more roaming space) and I worry it may be too high, any thoughts?
  4. Ambriel

    Toho the tegu's enclosure

    My first ever tegu and my first ever diy enclosure build. I did weeks of research. It was frustrating. I am in no way a carpenter, didn't have any of the needed tools, nor the space to work in. (Its winter up here in Montana and I live right in the middle of town. Wood workshop welcome to my...
  5. Murrellfamilyzoo

    Outdoor housing

    anyone in Southern California have experience or advice on housing tegus outside during the “winter” months here? Thanks, Jarrett