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  1. R

    Soil mix

    What kind of soil/topsoil should I mix with sand for my tegu enclosure? Something from the store or just good dirt from outside?
  2. merakjinsei

    Wait, how do you even dispose of "old" substrate??

    I have seen it mentioned that you should replace your substrate every 3 months if its not a bioactive situation, but what are you supposed to do with the old substrate?? I presume dispose of it, but how? I dont see this brought up. I rent an apartment in a city center, so I can't just dump it...
  3. Tomaskas

    Building a barricade?!

    Hi! This is my first post, after being a long time lurker (over a year of lurking nearly every single day!) - I decided to make an account now that I’ve got my Tegu. I got him just before Christmas, and he (pretty sure he’s a he) is settling in fine. I’ve uploaded a few pic if you wanna take a...
  4. R

    Is Reptibark Safe For My B&W Argentine Tegu?

    Hi! This is my first post on this website and I'm glad to have found it because it is full of helpful insights and opinions. I was wondering if Reptibark is a SAFE substrate for my Tegu. I read online Pine and Fir are giant NoNo's because of the oils they let off. But I noticed the first...
  5. Dude Bro Man 433

    What kind of sand to mix with top soil.

    Right now my tegu has Cyprus mulch, a little jungle mix and mainly top soil. I wanna add sand so his burrows hold up better. I’ve added iso pods and all rolly polys and other bacteria that’s supposed to help it become bio efficient. What kind of sand should I use?Will this effect the...
  6. KlausfromCA

    Preparing one week before getting a Tegu, need some advice

    Hello, everyone, this is Klaus, I'm gone get a Tegu or two in a reptile show on January 4. I have been searching out what I need to prepare over a few weeks already. This thread is to confirm my researching is correct and making sure there is nothing I missed. I have a 4X2X4 Close chamber...
  7. Largelizards

    Hardwood mulch and which sounds easier to clean and not attract bugs

    Right now I use cypress mulch and eco earth. But I just bought some plain old top soil that is used for filling holes(no compost), some hardwood mulch, and sphagnum peat moss from homedepot (used for organic gardening), and lots of leaf litter I collected my self consisting of safe trees like...
  8. Largelizards

    Thoughts on ACE hardware cypress mulch?

    So after waiting a week or so to hear back from Ace hardware, they told me the they couldn’t determine what cypress mulch was blended with even after contacting supplier. Has anyone ever used it or does anyone think this blend is fine or should be avoided? I was thinking I could bake it to be...
  9. Asheya

    Is this acceptable substrate?

    Hello! My two gus are currently on a cypress mulch/Coco husk mix, but I wanted to add some soil/peat moss and play sand to give them better burrowing opportunities. However I can't find anything listed as "top soil" without it having additives like fertilizer or compost. I found these bags or...
  10. rex2311

    is there a better way to get bedding

    my tegu is beginning to get big so i need to build his new terrarium soon. so are there good alternatives to cypress mulch or better places to get it? i know you cant use pine and he has already had parasites so i want it to be clean. people say dig up dirt but im worried about parasites. he...