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  1. ruloradio

    Brumation or dying?

    So I have had my juvenile Tegu for about a week now, seemed alert the first day but did spend most of time burrowed. Then daily progression of seeing him less and less. When he would come out he seemed more and more tired and did not come out at all yesterday. The diet he was on prior...
  2. S

    Possible Hybernation

    Hello I have my couple month old red tegu Roshi and as it is starting to get colder where I live I noticed today that he spent the morning getting warm and than just spent the rest of the day burrowed and never moved out of that spot. He also didn’t eat any of the Dubai roaches I put out for him...
  3. firj2023


  4. Shreve

    Easing a Tegu out of Hibernation?

    My juvenile Argentine red tegu has been in hibernation since December 14th and has come out every so often to eat or sunbathe, I'm meaning for a few hours every few weeks. I recently cleaned and reorganized the tank after a move, and it went right back to bed after poking around. The temperature...
  5. Kaiju Prince

    Down for six months

    Alright so this is Kai’s second time down for the winter, last winter he would come up occasionally to drink and bask but this year I haven’t seen him at all. He went down mid October same as last year but he was starting to wake up by mid March last year and he’s still down. I’ve started to...
  6. T

    Humidity during hibernation

    I’ve heard different things about this topic so I would like to clear this up. Do tegus need proper humidity while they are down during hibernation. I love the channel “Rose City Reptiles” and he said that tegus do not need humidity while hibernating but I have also heard other things that...
  7. T

    Would love some information on hibernation! I can’t find anything anywhere!

    So my 4 month old tegu has been showing all the signs of going down for hibernation over the winter but I worry because the breeder I got him from said that babies within their first year won’t go down for hibernation. I also know that he has been slowing down on food and sleeping a lot. I know...
  8. TeguTeep

    Tegu Brumation/Future Breeding?

    Hello all, we have an Argentine B/W female who is supposedly 9 months old (had her for two) but we think she is wild caught from the Everglades (scars on body and yellow/orange belly). We want to breed her next season and we’re wondering if she would be okay to, considering those facts. I’m not...
  9. V

    6yr old B&W didn’t make it through hibernation

    wud up all, I went to try to wake up my B&W tegu from hibernation last week and he was dead. He was 6yrs old, always left water for him during hibernation and offered food. He had deep bedding and a hid box. He always went into hibernation after the female but, always woke up before her. We did...
  10. P

    2 Year old Female woke up a grouch?

    Hello Tegu Talk! My name is Annelle, and I adopted an adolescent female B&W Argentine tegu from a rescue center last spring. I named her Saphira, and though it was rough at first, the two of us had a wonderful summer together! She learned to trust me--so much so, she would eat out of my hand...
  11. Kaiju Prince

    First brumation questions

    so kai went down for the winter about a week or two ago and seems to be in full brumation at this point. I don’t think it’s his first brumation since I got him as a juvenile back in March, but it’s his first brumation with me. I’ve been slowly cutting his “daylight” hours back and made sure his...
  12. Asheya

    New baby Tegu (potential hibernation and bonding problems?)

    Hi guys. Worried new Tegu mama. I've worked with adult Tegus for a long time, but this baby business is a whole new experience. Long story short, I've had my little B&W for around a month. He's alright with me touching him, but will scamper under his hides and not come out when I'm around. The...
  13. Keiko_Blue

    Is my baby tegu going to shed or starting to brumate?

    I have a three week old tegu and I noticed that he sleeps alot. I got him 6 days ago. He wakes up around 9am then goes to sleep around 2-3pm. Is it odd for a baby to sleep this much? Maybe he is going into shed? He eats fine and he is pretty active when awake. Should I be worried?
  14. Hazarah

    Hibernation or illness?

    About a week ago I got an Argentine b&w tegu hatchling and she began eating wonderfully and she was as active as ever. Now she’s starting to slow down quite a bit and spends most her day sleeping. She barley eats anything now and she’s becoming more moody. I’m not sure what’s going on as I’m new...
  15. ErrolTheSwampDragon

    When do I start worrying?

    I'm a new tegu owner, I've never kept anything that hibernates or even brumates. I purchased Balthazar as a newborn in July from a breeder in Florida who says his stock never fully hibernates, they just "slow down". Mine fell asleep around Labor Day (when the outdoor temperatures were in the...
  16. Talon1992

    Tegu hasn't pooped in a while, then went into hibernation, should I be worried?

    So the past few months my tegu has been feeding pretty heavily on thawed small rats, grapes, melon, and to a lesser extent roaches ( hissing and dubia). The primary source of protein has been the small rats. In the months prior to that, the primary source of protein was ground turkey ( mixed...