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red tegu

  1. saurus172

    Is this Normal for a tail to look?

    During a bathtub taming session with Mori (which went great, first time I could hold them without them struggling and I think they're finally calming down), I noticed that their tail is weird in a way. It's full length, after the base quarter or so, there's a spot where the tail suddenly gets a...
  2. P

    Shedding Problem or Scale Rot?

    Hello, I have a year and a half old Red Argentine Tegu. He is in a 6x3x3 cage, 110 basking temp and 80-85% humidity. He has always had a hard time with sheds and I try to bath him every day as he goes into them. But I noticed an odd split in his shed skin. I have an appointment with his regular...
  3. V

    My Gu Is Very Small

    Here is my 'red tegu'. 3"x5" for reference. He was purchased from a local Petco and given to me as a gift, for my birthday I have built an enclosure that by my last post was deemed more than sufficient. I have been keeping a weight chart since said last post. I have been leaving him some bit's...
  4. jillann1177

    Questions, questions and questions

    Hi guys this is the first time actually posting on here. We brought our red tegu home on march 31, no one seems to have any idea how old he is. When we got him home he measures tip to tip 10 inches,we have been keeping record of growth he is about 1.2 lbs and 25 inches. Ok so my questions are...
  5. A

    Baby Red Tegu Not Eating

    Hello I just got my baby tegu 4-5 days ago and he has not eaten a full meal yet. I offered him some meat mix with veggies, ground turkey, chicken hearts and berries which he ate but he only had a little bit. I’m following rose city reptiles and ty park rules on handling. Not waiting and handling...
  6. D

    Need help with advice

    need advise asap!! My red tegu female hasn't ate in 4 days she never turns down a meal and has been acting very not her self!! Laying around all day seems super low energy barely can keep her eyes open I've been spraying her down alot and got her to drink a few sips of water!! My worry is that...
  7. V


    Hi there, currently it is 4.8.2020, I got my small (probably 3 month old) tegu on March 11th, the day before my birthday. I've only ever seen him eat once, on the 12th. 3 superworms. Since then, and everyday I had left out various chicken bits, salmon, ground turkey, eggs both scrambled and...
  8. Teesa

    Breeding question?!?!?

    What would happen if you breed a red tegu with a purple tegu. Like what breed would you get. What would you call it. Is it possible to breed a red tegu with a purple tegu?!?!?!
  9. mayhewwet

    Red with shedding issues also has a lack of appetite

    Hi, all, I've got a red tegu here -- about 1.5 years old -- who has gone through a couple of things in the last few months, and I'd like to get your advice on how to get him to eat more, and if you know what to do with these signs: He's had trouble getting off his last shed -- his tail got...
  10. Nya Wasp

    Bioactive enclosure - sugar ant infestation!

    Hi y'all! I have my red tegu in a 8 x 3 x 3 custom cage with soil, mulch, grass, and a variety of fake plants, hides, rocks, basking platforms, and cork tree bark etc. But my Virginia native sugar ants have decided to join my enclosure! Are they safe for my tegu, she doesn't seem to mind but...
  11. Z

    Constipated tegu?!

    I’m posting for a friend, he has an Argentine red tegu and he is only passing urates. He is straining to go in his legs. We have been doing warm soaks everyday and plus because he is in shed. What kind of foods or oils will make him go, we don’t know how many days it’s been but it might be right...
  12. Lutchmom

    Swollen eyelids

    Does anyone know what would cause swollen eyelids I'm a tegu? He has seen the vet twice and has been on antibiotic eyedrops, liquid antibiotics, and liquid anti inflammatory. But it has not helped. He is currently trying to brumate, but I can see that his eyelids are still swollen.
  13. J

    From passive to active taming?

    Hey folks! I wasn't sure how else to word this thread title, so pardon if it sounds odd. Amigo, my red argentine tegu, is doing quite well. While he can still become startled and jump/dash, he is generally chill. However, due to changes in schedule for work (more shifts for the holiday...
  14. N.B.H.

    Is he a red?

    Hello! I'm pretty new to tegu care, and I bought from a prior tegu owner, who... Gave me very vague descriptions of the actual animal. I feel like they purchased him not knowing how big he was going to get, and wanted to get rid of him once they found out. I wasn't given a specific age (just...
  15. UnicornsNbattz

    Scrolled for hours , can’t find complete answers

    hi What is the perfect night temperature for a high white red tegu ? What is the perfect humidity level for a tegu ? Mine is between 50-60% right now ( I scrolled through a lot of topics but couldn’t find a precise answer ) And how do I best raise my temperature ? I have a 220x100x100 ( cm...
  16. Lutchmom


    Hello, we bought a red tegu on December 14, I'm not sure how old s/he is because we got it from a per store. They bought it in August. I'm guessing it's 5-6 months old. We had it in an aquarium but it was aggressive while in it, and I felt it didn't have enough room to move around. We just...
  17. Nya Wasp


    Greetings All! There I was picking up frozen rodents for my herp kids, when I stumbled across the majestic red tegu... I'm not unfamiliar with tegus, but never saw myself as a owner of one, until I met Norbert... So, in an act of sheer stupidity, I brought little Norbert home that day. I...
  18. Asheya

    URGENT; adopted mistreated

    Hi guys, A friend of mine who works in rescue saved a beautiful red Tegu and with me being the only person she knows who cares of them, she asked me to take him and I happily obliged. However, he's in rough shape. He's a sweet pup, but he has months of shed built up on his back. He was kept in...