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red tegu

  1. D

    Male rescue free to a good home, but if shipping must cover costs.

    Name: Dante Location: New Castle PA 16105 Phone number: 808-953-9180 hey! I rescued a red tegu male a few months ago from a 4x3 enclosure and was only fed ground turkey. I'm looking to rehome as I'll be traveling for work more often, and I would like for him to be worked with more. he may be a...
  2. A

    Water pump for small "pond"

    I want to make my red tegu a small pond/water dish but I need to make it filtered and not stagnant so there's not algae growth and all that. Does anyone have any filter recommendations? I don't think the overall water volume would be much more than 1-2 gallons. I was thinking of using a turtle...
  3. M

    Black hole on red tegus armpit, possible scale rot, need help

    When I first grimlock, my red tegu, it just looked like some stuck shed but every time he comes out of his hide it gets worse, I don’t know what it is and I have no clue how to treat it
  4. Lexpharaoh

    Brand New Baby Is Scared, How Can I Help?

    Hi everyone! (I am completely new here so hello!) Let me get right into it! Yesterday I brought home my very first Red Tegu and I am SO EXCITED. To say that this is my dream lizard is putting mildly! Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of information on them. They were purchased at a reptile...
  5. JeagerTheTegu

    His Scale is bleeding

    So Jeager My Red Tegu one of his scales on his toe is bleeding and I need to know to put antibiotics or anything on it!
  6. S

    Possible Hybernation

    Hello I have my couple month old red tegu Roshi and as it is starting to get colder where I live I noticed today that he spent the morning getting warm and than just spent the rest of the day burrowed and never moved out of that spot. He also didn’t eat any of the Dubai roaches I put out for him...
  7. M

    I got a baby tegu recently. It won’t eat much, but is still very active. What should I do?

    Maybe recommendations for types of foods?
  8. ViciousGrowth

    Deus with the mean mug lol hello from canada!

  9. mushu

    New red tegu owner. Is this proper??

    Hi everyone, I just got a new red tegu about a week ago who is about 6 months old. I am in the process of letting him get used to me and his new environment. He stays in his hide 80-90% of the time, comes out sometimes when I'm not in my room to bask, drink water, etc. Here is my setup: - 40...
  10. S

    New here! I have a Brumation Question

    Hello! I just joined, so I wanted to introduce myself! I'm SammySamSam, and I have a question. First off im new to Tegu ownership so any advice is welcome! I have an Argentine Red Tegu. Though I sadly don't know his exact age. he's still a baby and his name is Sam Crowley or just Sam. Now the...
  11. C

    Young female red tegu for sale or trade for male

    Rehoming young female red tegu. Interested in similar trade except male or for sale.
  12. J

    Looking for tegus for sale or adoption. Within 6 hours of Illinois

    Hello, currently have 3 tegus that are tame and I greatly enjoy spending time with on a daily basis. Not currently breeding just love tegus. Have years of experience with reptiles. Looking to adopt/purchase more tegus. Can provide them a wonderful home. Located in Woodridge Illinois but willing...
  13. saurus172

    Is this Normal for a tail to look?

    During a bathtub taming session with Mori (which went great, first time I could hold them without them struggling and I think they're finally calming down), I noticed that their tail is weird in a way. It's full length, after the base quarter or so, there's a spot where the tail suddenly gets a...
  14. P

    Shedding Problem or Scale Rot?

    Hello, I have a year and a half old Red Argentine Tegu. He is in a 6x3x3 cage, 110 basking temp and 80-85% humidity. He has always had a hard time with sheds and I try to bath him every day as he goes into them. But I noticed an odd split in his shed skin. I have an appointment with his regular...
  15. V

    My Gu Is Very Small

    Here is my 'red tegu'. 3"x5" for reference. He was purchased from a local Petco and given to me as a gift, for my birthday I have built an enclosure that by my last post was deemed more than sufficient. I have been keeping a weight chart since said last post. I have been leaving him some bit's...
  16. jillann1177

    Questions, questions and questions

    Hi guys this is the first time actually posting on here. We brought our red tegu home on march 31, no one seems to have any idea how old he is. When we got him home he measures tip to tip 10 inches,we have been keeping record of growth he is about 1.2 lbs and 25 inches. Ok so my questions are...
  17. A

    Baby Red Tegu Not Eating

    Hello I just got my baby tegu 4-5 days ago and he has not eaten a full meal yet. I offered him some meat mix with veggies, ground turkey, chicken hearts and berries which he ate but he only had a little bit. I’m following rose city reptiles and ty park rules on handling. Not waiting and handling...
  18. D

    Need help with advice

    need advise asap!! My red tegu female hasn't ate in 4 days she never turns down a meal and has been acting very not her self!! Laying around all day seems super low energy barely can keep her eyes open I've been spraying her down alot and got her to drink a few sips of water!! My worry is that...
  19. V


    Hi there, currently it is 4.8.2020, I got my small (probably 3 month old) tegu on March 11th, the day before my birthday. I've only ever seen him eat once, on the 12th. 3 superworms. Since then, and everyday I had left out various chicken bits, salmon, ground turkey, eggs both scrambled and...
  20. Teesa

    Breeding question?!?!?

    What would happen if you breed a red tegu with a purple tegu. Like what breed would you get. What would you call it. Is it possible to breed a red tegu with a purple tegu?!?!?!