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  1. B

    Worried Tegu dads:(

    Hello, I’m new to Tegu talk, I’m a little worried about our tegu. Me and my fiancé have a 9-10 month old male b&w tegu, he is a good 14-16 inches with tail. We got him back in December of last year and he has been in burmation since then, everything has been great so far, until today, he had...
  2. Skippymaxwell4


    Hey! This is a weird question, but as a new Tegu owner I need to ask- what should my Tegu’s poop look like? Are there any *cough* pictures?? I just want to be sure he’s healthy and I know stool is always a good thing to look at to determine wether he’s healthy or not.
  3. T

    Prolapse and no vet for two weeks?!

    Well the only exotic vet apparently can't do anything for 2 weeks, and all the regular veterinarians flat wont touch a reptile. His colon is coming out, aside from sugar bath and coaxing it back in and Vaseline, is there anything to be done at this point? Denton wont eat and it come out about...
  4. L

    weighted blanket for tegu

    Hi I have a 2 year old tegu who weighs 13.5 pounds. She always crawls under my queen size mattress and it looks like it crushes her, but every time I move her out from under the mattress and sit on the bed so she can't crawl under it, she claws and scratches the side of the mattress trying to...
  5. J

    What is this? Please help. (injury?)

    Just got this tegu as a rescue and noticed this thing on the scales on her head. I’m guessing Its either a burn scar, rubbed it raw against something somehow, or scale rot. Can someone please help? She seems healthy otherwise.
  6. V


    Hi there, currently it is 4.8.2020, I got my small (probably 3 month old) tegu on March 11th, the day before my birthday. I've only ever seen him eat once, on the 12th. 3 superworms. Since then, and everyday I had left out various chicken bits, salmon, ground turkey, eggs both scrambled and...
  7. Lutchmom

    Swollen eyelids

    Does anyone know what would cause swollen eyelids I'm a tegu? He has seen the vet twice and has been on antibiotic eyedrops, liquid antibiotics, and liquid anti inflammatory. But it has not helped. He is currently trying to brumate, but I can see that his eyelids are still swollen.
  8. N

    B&W Argentine Tegu NOT EATING :(

    Hi all, I've had my new Tegu 4 days now. I've tested my Temps and humidity and they're okay. I've offered turkey, chicken, fussys, salmon, crickets, fruit but nothing.... All he does is hide, when I get him out he's pretty chilled with handling but I have to Bury him out and as he never comes...
  9. CaseyGiroux

    Tegu dragging head when walking

    Hello! My tegu is a Chacoan black and white her (maybe?) name is Balerion (the black dread). She is a little over 3 years old and without a ruler I’d say she’s close to 3ft or longer. She eats 93% lean ground turkey dusted with calcium powder along with a variety of fruits. She is in a 40...
  10. J

    Not eating, prolapses, and more :-(

    Hello! I just got a male red tegu named Cinnabun, he’s around 6 months old, though he’s quite small for his size. When i first got him he was eating great — crickets, pinkies, and chicken heart. but one day he refused food. I realize now i shouldn’t have forced the issue, but i tried to...
  11. G

    Bearded dragon issues

    I know most of you are more specialized in tegus but i've run across a problem with my bearded dragon thats been scaring me to death. My dragon was adopted from someone who couldnt care for it anymore a few weeks ago. When i first got him he pooped fine, it was healthy but as of late it's been...
  12. battyrubble

    Gunky Eyes

    I have an amazing 4 year old Colombian Tegu who had a mouth infection that was cleared out with antibiotics from our vet but since then he has been waking up with eye crustiest that he keeps scratching. We did a series of antibiotic eye drops and now the crusties look like when you wake up not...
  13. Biffy Pyro

    A simple thank you

    I just wanted to say thank you to you guys and gals for being awesome. I got my first tegu, a B&W, 18 months ago as a baby, he is now a giant monster, and I got my second a couple of months ago, a female blue, I'm hoping to breed. As I'm sure we all have I've run into a couple of issues with...