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  1. D

    Stuck Old Shed

    I have just recently obtained a tegu not even a week ago and I have noticed a couple of issues, such as some old shed stuck to the top of the base of her tail as well as some of the toes looking like her nails might just fall off. Is there anything I can do about this? I am worried if I don't do...
  2. E

    Can Yugo be trusted?

    I thought this might be the best place to ask folks, if im posting to the wrong area im very sorry. I have been saving money to get my tegu (who is currently still quite small, and in a temporary 6 foot enclosure) his adult enclosure, and while searching for the best options I stumbled across...
  3. G

    Sugar water not working for prolapse

    Don't know what to do my tegu prolapsed yesterday but I don't have the money to take him to a vet nor is there one by me rn and the sugar water isn't working for the last bit the majority of it went back in its just the last little part that is struggling I just want my baby ok
  4. K

    New Red Tegu Owner Seeking Advice

    Hello everyone, Im super happy to be here with the most recent addition to my family, our baby Argentine Red Tegu!! I just wanted to ask some basic questions to more experienced owners to make sure I am doing everything in my power to give my lizard friend the best quality of life I can. The...
  5. L

    Am I over feeding or could she be impacted?!

    We recently got a tegu and she's amazing. She's still super skittish but she's getting better with handling. She's in a 4x2x2 right now while we build her forever home but I noticed today when I went to get her that she looks way chubbier than she used to. I feed her fruit, dandelion greens...
  6. M

    New Tegu Owner (Help requested)

    So I am an idiot and bought a tegu at the local exotic pet store without thinking too much beforehand. I know I have the patience and capability to raise him but I need help if possible, I don't know how old my tegu is or how healthy it is. Length is approx 20inches, haven't gotten to measure. I...
  7. S

    Sudden Charging and Aggressive Biting

    Hello I am new to this forums page and have my red tegu Roshi. She has mostly been an angel since I got her but right away as soon as I got her I noticed she did a lot of like rubbing on the glass and wouldnt stop. Rubbing her nose raw with it I decided to put up black vinyl coverings on all the...
  8. B

    Gravy wet dog food with duck and green beans safe for B&W tegu?

    Hey so I have been having trouble getting my gu to poop and I heard that he might be dehydrated (even though he has a Giant water bowl), so I was wondering if duck is safe to eat along with the gravy part because I know the green beans are safe because I have fed her green beans before. I also...
  9. S

    Please help smudge!

    Hey guys. My name is Carly and Smudge is about 6 month old red tegu. I got him from a pet store, I trusted and observed their care for a while now. I think I was wrong. I have had Smudge for 2 weeks today, and already had to take him to the vet this last Friday. So I noticed smudge limping and...
  10. M

    Worried tegu Mom and desperately need help.

    My argentine red tegu Macklin has not been himself for days. He seems sluggish, tired, eyes barely open if not half open. Not as interested in eating as usual. He ate a bit of a pinkie mouse and only the yolk of an egg yesterday. I'm thawing some salmon now to see if he'll eat some more. I have...