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new tegu

  1. ruloradio

    Brumation or dying?

    So I have had my juvenile Tegu for about a week now, seemed alert the first day but did spend most of time burrowed. Then daily progression of seeing him less and less. When he would come out he seemed more and more tired and did not come out at all yesterday. The diet he was on prior...
  2. ruloradio


    All week it has been moody....lol...pouting because i wont let it out of the tank! (It tried to crawl up my arm) I threw a pair of sweaty socks in there ( to get used to my scent, so forced interaction) and it buried them! Refusing to eat because it cant get its way! I thought ...O my God...
  3. S

    Cage help and new owner

    Hi im new here and december 2020 i got my first tegu spot. I got her and she went into brumation almost instantly she was about 1ft long. She is currently in a 75 gallon tank witch i am currently looking into her new tank has she is waking up from brumation. I have a couple of questions so i am...
  4. firj2023


  5. M

    I got a baby tegu recently. It won’t eat much, but is still very active. What should I do?

    Maybe recommendations for types of foods?
  6. RexTheGuardian

    Help with a Golden Tegu Baby

    Hi, this is my first post here, so sorry if this is the wrong spot. I need help regarding my new Golden Tegu. I picked him up from a store a little over 1 week ago, according to the store owner he was the last of 6 babies. I wanted to ask for any help in regards to getting him to at least be...
  7. E

    Face scratching

    So i just got my first tegu and i may just be being paranoid but he keeps scratching the one side of his face by rubbing it agienst the stone in his tank and with his back claws, nothing seems to be wrong that i can see, is this normal?
  8. AnimalNerd

    Beautiful blue boy *update*

    Hi tegutalk. I've been a long time lurker to find out about a blue tegu that I've been a sitter for and involved with since he was a hatchling. Sadly his owner passed away and I am the next closest human the tegu knows/trusts and am most likely going to adopt him. He is almost 2 years old and...
  9. R

    New Tegu and Enclosure pics!

    So excited to get my first Tegu. been doing a lot of research, bought a book or two. I've been working all day on the enclosure, and I'm picking up the lizard tomorrow. It's about 9 months old I think. Isn't very big. I've attached some pics of the new home. Cut some cool branches and grabbed...
  10. D

    Brumating shortly after arrival

    So ive just gotten my 2 foot tegu in the mail yesterday morning. He was perfectly healthy and interactive. After he finished basking a few hours later, i sat beside the open cage playing on my phone. I Also have him some food since he seemed hungry (idk if it is correct to give him food this...
  11. M

    Suddenly Aggressive Tegu

    Hello, I just got my new baby argentine B&W tegu. I have had him for about a week now. I read up a lot on taming and knew that slow and simple was the right move. He was very friendly when I first opened my package and he climbed right on my arm! I let him sit and walk around my room for a...
  12. jonpc28

    Looking for a Male Black and White Argentine Tegu!

    Hello! I'm looking to have a Argentine Tegu, preferably a male that is around 2 years old. Open to other options as well. I am willing to purchase one. If your Tegu is in need of a new home, I would love to take him off your hands whether you are giving him away for free or selling him, please...
  13. Alycia Lee

    Hi there !

    Hello tegu friends! I got my first tegu and she's a juvenile rescue! I'm sitting in the bathroom currently hoping she'll warm up.
  14. N

    B&W Argentine Tegu NOT EATING :(

    Hi all, I've had my new Tegu 4 days now. I've tested my Temps and humidity and they're okay. I've offered turkey, chicken, fussys, salmon, crickets, fruit but nothing.... All he does is hide, when I get him out he's pretty chilled with handling but I have to Bury him out and as he never comes...
  15. E

    New Tegu... Need help with taming :)

    Hi, I’m Evelyn and I’m a first time tegu owner. I recently got my b&w about 2 days ago, he’s eating fine but I’m having trouble starting to tame him. Pretty sure hes around 4 months old and he was pretty grumpy yesterday when I tried to say hi, he reacted aggressively. He huffed and puffed a bit...
  16. Vestathetegu

    Very new to world of tegu

    hello, I am very new to the tegu world. I have an argentin black and white tegu named Vesta. I come here to read around to see if what my tegu is doing is normal. She have a very large handmade enclosure outside (in Florida) so it’s always nice and hot and humid for her. She is a Juvenial I...
  17. Biffy Pyro

    Introducing new tegu

    Hi guys, I'm looking to breed in the future and I might be getting a female soon, and I wanted to know if you guys have any hints and tips for introducing introducing her to my male