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  1. R


    All New Reptile Expo in Denver, CO.!!! This will be our 10th event, but 1st time in Denver, so please show your support!! 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale!! Tons of Breeders/Vendors. Shows and Exhibits.. DATES/TIMES July 21, 2018 (10am-5pm) July 22, 2018...
  2. A

    Need some advice with lighting?

    Hi i am starting to plan out a 6x3x3 tegu enclosure and i am wondering at around 24 inches away from the basking spot what bulb combo would get the surface temp hot enough i was thinking a 100 watt mega ray and some other basking bulb but i would love some experienced people to sprinkle some...
  3. BlepTongueSkink

    Tell me your colombian tegu success stories!

    Hi y'all. I have a gold tegu named Bubba that I got from my local small petstore a little over a week ago. He was in the petstore since he was a baby, and is about 4-5 months old now. So far I feel like I've been taking steps in the right direction to calm him down, but I get discouraged easily...
  4. Djatawsome

    New Baby Red Tegu

    I recently bought a baby Argentine red tegu at the Tinley Park Narbc reptile expo. I have another tegu but raised her from a yearling, so I don't quite understand the intricacies of hatchlings quite yet. I have my baby setup in a 75 gallon acrylic tank for growing. I've had him for only 4 days I...
  5. LycanthropeHeart

    Why are Golden tegus cheaper than black and whites?

    I had this question for a very long time Why are golden tegus cheaper than black and whites? Is it because of their bad reputation? are they are they easier to breed? To be honest I found them quite beautiful, I just love their golden color! that's why I decided to own one. (He's from a farm...
  6. Djatawsome

    ISO: Tame Male Blue Tegu or Bw Tegu

    Im looking for a male Blue/Bw tegu preferably 30in or more and within $250. Im in the Chicago area willing to pick up or get shipped. Please let me know if you have one and sent pictures pls.
  7. Gregor

    clipping nails and trust?

    It's been a bit of a slow process building trust with my tegu, and his nails are getting really sharp he is climbing my face verticly lol and it hurts, I wanted to know if clipping their nails effect the trust I've built with him?
  8. Kevincanales.kc

    Male or female Red Tegu?

    I've had my Tegu for about 6 months and i honestly cannot tell if it is a male or female, can any one help?
  9. Kevincanales.kc

    For Sale Male Purple Tegu